Dental X-Ray

An dentist or dental hygienist will put you under an apron made from lead to protect you from radiation exposure before asking you to sit or stand before their machine. X-rays help dentists detect issues like tooth decay between teeth, impacted or unerupted teeth, jaw fractures and hard-to-catch cysts and abscesses; as well as issues […]


Dental Radiography

X-rays are an invaluable diagnostic tool in dentistry. They can detect dental caries and bone loss as well as help evaluate periodontal diseases, orthodontic manipulations, oral tumors or any abnormalities present. Individual circumstances will dictate how frequently radiographs should be taken. In certain circumstances, however, immediate radiographs may be warranted to protect a patient’s well-being. […]


A Basic Skin Care Routine Can Prevent Signs of Aging, Acne and Dryness

Since skin care has become so increasingly fashionable among beauty influencers and thousands of products available on the market, adopting an effective daily regimen can prevent signs of aging, acne and dryness from appearing. Cleanse, moisturize and sunscreen should form part of this regimen. Cleansing twice daily, morning and night, is the foundation for good […]


The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system of physical, mental, and spiritual practices created over 2,000 years ago by ancient sages. These practices include meditation, breathing exercises, physical postures and body purification techniques. Studies demonstrate the many health benefits associated with yoga practice. Not only can it lower blood pressure, it may also prevent back pain and […]


Diet App – Top 5 Diet Apps

Diet apps are nutrition and weight loss applications designed to keep users on track with their health goals. Our business analysts suggest a freemium model, where core functionalities are provided free of charge while additional features can be purchased with subscription payments. 1. Suggestic Eating healthily takes commitment and self-discipline, so San Francisco-based startup Suggestic […]