Diet App – Top 5 Diet Apps

Diet apps are nutrition and weight loss applications designed to keep users on track with their health goals. Our business analysts suggest a freemium model, where core functionalities are provided free of charge while additional features can be purchased with subscription payments.

1. Suggestic

Eating healthily takes commitment and self-discipline, so San Francisco-based startup Suggestic has developed cutting-edge tech to make diet resolutions stick.

The free app enables users to select a dietary program and input their goals, preferences and restrictions before providing recommendations and meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and behavioral nudges to help achieve their goals.

One of the more remarkable features is Suggestic Lens, an augmented reality feature which allows users to use their phone’s camera and see color-coded indicators that indicate whether a meal fits with their diet. It works at over 500,000 restaurants and can also be used at home for food logging purposes.

Suggestic provides developers with an API they can integrate into their apps and portals to add advanced functionality like meal planning, meal logging, menu item scoring for restaurants, live coaching services and behavioral nudges – providing customers with an all-encompassing telewellness experience.

2. Scan & Go

Scan & Go is an innovative checkout-less shopping solution for mobile devices that enables customers to scan items as they come into view, add them directly to their digital cart and pay directly through either an app or kiosk.

With this technology, shoppers can build their digital shopping list hours or weeks ahead of their store visit – meaning that when they arrive at the shop they have everything ready – such as that new toothpaste they’ve been wanting to try!

Naveo Commerce’s NFC technology can be an incredible weapon in omnichannel marketing, giving customers offers that are relevant to them in-store or even their homes – increasing the odds that they redeem them and thus spending more in-store (and online!). At present we are just scratching the surface of what can be accomplished using this incredible platform!

3. Fooducate

Fooducate can serve as your own personal nutritionist in your pocket! With its robust technology, this app helps individuals understand complex product nutrition panels and choose healthier alternatives.

Track calories to meet their goals more efficiently, and get advice and suggestions about eating healthily to stay motivated.

Users can scan food items and log them in the app before receiving an evaluation that includes a grade determined based on an ideology which appears to combine scientific analysis with diet moralizing.

Fooducate Pro provides additional assistance by offering customized recommendations tailored specifically to the person and any chronic conditions or dietary restrictions they have, along with setting weight loss goals and receiving weekly check-ins to provide accountability.

4. Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is an easy-to-use calorie tracking app designed for users with mixed meals, offering the ability to track caloric intake with food logs that you create and share. Furthermore, this platform maintains high transparency when it comes to nutrition information and offers access to a large database of foodstuffs.

The calorie counter takes into account your weight, height and fitness goals in order to determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Once this number has been calculated it then calculates how many calories should be consumed daily depending on whether or not you wish to lose or gain weight; setting your daily goal as either deficit or surplus accordingly.

Features such as barcode scanning and food search with an extensive database are offered, along with water intake tracking and exercise monitoring capabilities and participation in dietary challenges. Furthermore, users with visual impairments can import recipes directly into the app with voiceover support, and you can either use it free or upgrade to its ad-free Gold version for even more benefits.

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