Main Articles For the Well-Being

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being in which infirmity and illness are absent. It is the state in which the body, mind and spirit are balanced with optimum health, capacity to perform functions properly, and are in accord with the needs and expectations of the person who owns them. Health is an essential good that we should adopt and pursue for our own good and to maintain the welfare of the society at large. There are several things that contribute to the good health of the individual.

Education and information are the two major sources that will aid us to attain the goal of achieving a well-balanced health status. A proper education will provide the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the objectives of life. It also helps the person in controlling his own body, mind and spirit, and the emotions that govern him. Information provided by the media like television, radio, magazines, newspapers, books and internet is an effective source of health information. This is because the people get to know about the common diseases and health conditions, their prevention and cure, and manage them as well.

The physical determinants like temperature, light, air, humidity, and food are the factors that affect the condition of the person physically. Mental and social determinants on the other hand refers to the attitude of the person, his values, attitude and culture. These determinants determine the mental and the social well-being.

Occupational safety is one of the main article that promotes the health and the wellness of the people. It is important to identify the risks factors involved in various occupations and take preventive measures by avoiding these dangerous factors. The main causes of death are work-related illnesses and diseases. Among these are acute heart diseases, cancers, dysentery, errors in judgment and negligence. According to the World Health Organization, all occupations should have hazard communication systems in place.

Stress and its related factors are also main articles that affect the overall health and the physical and mental well-being. According to studies, stress affects the physical health and the performance and it leads to depression, sleep deprivation and fatigue. On the other hand, according to the Mayo Clinic, one of the main causes of depression is sleep deprivation and insomnia.

A positive concept stressing social well-being is needed by everyone to achieve physical and mental health and to cope up with the daily life. This can be achieved by making the best social relationship among the people, setting goals and helping each other in achieving these goals. It is a good idea to create work places that promote healthy living.

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