A Guide To Avoid The Coronavirus Infection By Dr. Israel Figa

The entire world saw a major change in lifestyle ever since the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. Over the last year, we have learnt how to live in the new norm in the current-COVID-19 world. At first many people believed that the virus doesn’t really exist but when the death tolls started piling up, people started to accept the reality. The public was informed to follow certain rules to be in public spaces such as following the SOPs, maintaining social distancing, and avoiding large public gatherings and events. However, these instructions seemed to be unnecessary to some people and as a result, many countries are facing their second and even third waves of COVID-19 infections. 

Israel Figa shares some tips and tricks that you can apply in your daily life to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during the second wave of this global pandemic.

Tips & Tricks For Protection Against COVID-19

Wear Masks

COVID-19 is an airborne contagious disease. This means that the bacteria transmit from person to person in a matter of seconds if the mouth and nose are open for them to enter. You must wear masks every time you go out of your homes because you are risking yourself and your loved ones if you don’t do that. If you catch the virus yourself and spend time with your family at home, you may unknowingly transmit it to them as well since it travels through the air.

Wash Hands Often

Just as the COVID-19 bacteria travels through air, it also sticks to surfaces and can be transmitted to people who get in touch with it. So, make sure that you are washing your hands every couple of hours. We unconsciously touch our faces and eyes a lot with our hands and cannot always remember to not do that. This is why you should make sure that your hands are clean.

Carry A Sanitizer

It is not always possible to wash hands with soap since circumstances may not allow it. For such cases, carry a pocket-sized sanitizer bottle with you at all times. You can use it after getting in your car after getting groceries, after touching someone else’s belongings, etc. Israel Figa advises people to make sure that they don’t leave the sanitizer in their cars because they have explosive properties.     

Practice Isolation

If you feel any symptoms of the virus such as cough, fever, body aches, etc., you should immediately practice isolation. Lock yourself in a room where no one comes and goes until you can go out to get tested. Isolating reduces the risk of spreading the infection to those around you. 

Get Vaccinated

This goes without saying that vaccines are important for our body to become immune to contagious and deadly diseases. Any articles that you read about chips being inserted into your system are completely misleading. You should make sure to get vaccinated at the first opportunity that comes your way. Moreover, people are avoiding vaccinations because of the side effects that are being reported. Israel Figa states that these symptoms are proof that our bodies are responding to the vaccine and that there is nothing to worry about. You should also not be picky about the type of vaccine that you are getting. This is because all the vaccines have passed the test and have proven to be successful against the virus.

Final Thoughts

Even though the vaccines to help people against the coronavirus are available in most countries, it doesn’t mean that we are out of danger. In fact, reports of mutating bacteria from the virus are coming forward and the new wave of the virus is proving to be more infectious and fast-spreading. Israel Figa explains that even if you get vaccinated, you should still follow all the precautionary measures. This is because if you yourself won’t get infected, you may infect someone else if you are carrying the virus. So, do yourself, your loved ones, and the general population a nice favor by adhering to the SOPs.

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