Health & Wellness Program for the Community

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being in which infirmity and illness are either absent or harmless. The word “health” is also used to refer to the quality of life with which an individual meets his or her daily responsibilities. There are several different concepts that we use to describe health, but it typically refers to the state of being capable of carrying out ordinary functions in life. The definition also indicates the distribution of the quantity of that capacity. Health is not only a state of being in good shape, but it also includes the ability to enjoy one’s life and participate in the community in which one lives.

We all have different determinants of our health status. These determinants can include your genetic makeup, your social environment, your physical activities, your diet, your lifestyle choices, and the interactions you have with other people. These interactions can affect your physical and mental condition in many ways. While some of these interactions are beyond our control, like a certain disease, others are a result of our choices, like how we eat or how we exercise.

People living in poverty, in long-term relationships, lacking education, and experiencing abuse, have much lower health status than those who lead healthy lifestyles. Thus, most health experts today are emphasizing on improving your physical condition through healthy eating and regular physical activity. If you want to maintain a positive concept of your social well-being, you should also work on improving your mental condition. Most of your mental illnesses originate from the physical environment where you live every day. Thus, a holistic approach to health is necessary.

One effective way of improving your mental health status is through managing stress. Daily stress can have negative effects on your health status. Some of these effects include high blood pressure and heart rate, ulcers, depression, and other physical illnesses. Managing stress may require learning new skills such as yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, and art therapy. These methods help you cope with physical and mental diseases.

Being physically healthy is not enough for a good mental health. Stress can cause depression and having a healthy body does not mean you do not need to worry about your mental health. If you feel you lack self-confidence and are easily overwhelmed by life’s daily pressures, you might have a physical illness that affects your self-esteem. It is always advisable to see your doctor so he can run some tests and determine the underlying problem.

People in poor physical health have limited access to essential healthcare because they can’t afford the costs. The lack of money forces them to choose unhealthily, resulting to serious diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, HIV and other infections, heart conditions, and diabetes. It is therefore important to promote healthy lifestyle practices in order to ensure a free and quality life for everybody. We all have the right to live a healthy life, no matter what our physical condition is. All people should join the bandwagon and be a part of promoting healthy public health by making necessary lifestyle changes.

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